Earth & Beyond Assessment Task

12/09/2011 20:35

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Dear Students,

We are going to go on a journey together in class - your assessment task this term is to investigate the first man on the moon - Neil Armstrong. You will be using a variety of search engines to complete your research.


You need to find out as much information as you can, save in your OneNote file as you go, collate pictures/images, information about Neil:

where he was born, when he was born, where did he live, when did he become an astronaut, when did he first go into space, when did he land on the moon, how many times did he go into space, what was the name of his missions, what was the name of the shuttle he went into space in, what did he say when he first stepped onto the moon, what flag did he put on the moon


Where possible find swf (shockwave flash files)/video footage/podcasts to add to your presentation.


In keeping with our technology component you will present your information as a "Glog" - an online visual poster. Go to The more information, images and footage you get the greater your marks will be.


Goodluck - may the force be with you.....