Assessment Tasks

Earth & Beyond Assessment Task

12/09/2011 20:35
    Dear Students, We are going to go on a journey together in class - your assessment task this term is to investigate the first man on the moon - Neil Armstrong. You will be using a variety of search engines to complete your...

Science Technology Assessment Task Term 1

19/03/2011 15:31
 Congratulations to Tiffany - she worked out that there is no one "inventor" of electricity but that many people contributed to what we know as electricity today. Thus please research one of the following contributors/inventors: Thomas Edison Benjamin Franklin Alessandro Volta Alexander Graham...

 Here is a link to an example of a Linoit project I created on Thomas Edison.

Here is a link to a prezi created about Thomas Edison

 Here is a link to an example of a Glogster poster about Thomas Edison.

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