TERM 3 Mrs Beaton's Science & Technology

Dear Students - this term we are going to be learning about the planet we live on - Earth. We will investigate landforms and features of Earth. Then we will move on and learn about the planets in our solar system - you will learn about the sun, moon and stars and explore space. Each fortnight you will have to complete your homework tasks and hand them in, at the end of the term you will also be handing in your assessment task. I look forward to taking this journey with you. Come back to this webpage often to find new links to exciting websites as well as to find educational interactive games.


Cheers Mrs Beaton




Ology - American Museum of Natural History

Cassiopeia Project - terrific video links on all things in Space

Extreme Science

National Geographic - Solar Sytem information

NASA - Solar System exploration


Space Telescope Science Institute

The Jason Project - Design a spacecraft